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Net30 Terms

We are very excited to know that you are interested in doing business with Network Supply.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and developing long-term partnerships with leaders and contractors in the data communication world.

We invite you to apply for a NET30 day account today, if you have any questions, please reach out to us, we are happy to help.

 [ To Apply Email [email protected] ]

Terms and Conditions

The following terms are a summary and may not be the full agreement that is assigned to you at acceptance of credit. 

Invoices are payable within 30 days of receipt. Payment terms outside of NET 30 days must be approved by the Accounting Department.

We do offer discounted terms, but they must be approved by the accounting department, and MUST be paid within the specified time to claim the discount.


F.O.B shipping point.

All orders are shipped Prepaid & Add (PPA) by Network Supply, Inc. via UPS Ground or by pre-approved carriers unless other shipping arrangements have been made prior to placing your order.

Late Fees and Penalties

Network Supply, as the credit grantor reserves the right to charge a late fee penalty up to 3% of the balance per month, or a minimum penalty of $15.00 if the balance is less than $300.00, per month for each past due invoice.

Network Supply also reserves the right to suspend/temporary pause any credit account not in good standing. 

Right to Termination and/or Change of Agreement

As business changes, we are always adapting and looking for new ways to better serve our customer.

It is at the sole description at Network Supply, Inc to alter, modify, cancel or terminate any agreement, for any reason, including if conditions for business aren't met, or if Network Supply deems it necessary to do so for good faith and business preservation.

Credit Line Increase/Decreases

Network Supply may adjust any business credit limit at anytime for any reason. You may request an increase in your credit line by contacting the credit department.