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What is the FAST-ST ZR SM 900UM 6PK?

Introducing the FAST-ST ZR SM 900UM 6PK, a revolutionary product designed to simplify fiber optic connector installations. This pre-polished pack of 6 connectors eliminates the need for time-consuming hand polishing in the field, ensuring precise and efficient installations.

Highlights of the FAST-ST ZR SM 900UM 6PK

  • Pre-polished: Save time and effort with connectors that are ready for installation out of the box.
  • Single-mode (SM): Ensure high performance in long-distance data transmission.
  • ZR Compatibility: Designed to meet industry standards for zero water peak fibers.
  • 900UM: Suitable for 900-micron buffered fibers, ensuring compatibility with common fiber sizes.
  • Pack of 6: Convenient pack size for multiple installations or spares.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Anticipating your queries:
Q: Are these connectors easy to install?
A: Yes, the pre-polished design simplifies installation processes.
Q: What type of fibers are compatible with these connectors?
A: The FAST-ST ZR SM 900UM 6PK is compatible with 900-micron buffered fibers for versatile usage.

Order Your FAST-ST ZR SM 900UM 6PK Today

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Who Can Use It

The FAST-ST ZR SM 900UM 6PK is ideal for telecom professionals, network engineers, and anyone working with fiber optic connections. It caters to the needs of individuals requiring high-performance fiber optic solutions.

Why Choose the FAST-ST ZR SM 900UM 6PK

Elevate your installations with the FAST-ST ZR SM 900UM 6PK, offering time-saving pre-polished connectors that ensure precision and compatibility. Don't miss out on this opportunity to streamline your fiber optic projects.

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