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Fiber Enclosure Wall Mount with 2 Panel LGX Capacity - Perfect solution for managing fiber optic cables

Network SupplySKU: ICC-ICFODE21WM

Sale price$88.35


ICC’s wall-mount fiber optic enclosure is designed to provide a compact distribution point to feed a high capacity of optic cables to zones. The enclosure has a convenient drop-down door with latches positioned on both sides. Reusable cable ties are included to secure the door, a padlock is optional. The door also comes with a wiring label for system administration. The enclosure can be mounted onto walls in remote indoor locations. Up to two LGX® compatible products can be installed, such as adapter panels and MPO cassettes. The enclosure can support patching for up to 48 LC, 24 SC or 12 ST fiber optic connections. Rubber grommets are placed at the cable entry and exit points on the top and bottom of the enclosure to protect cables. ICC’s wall mount enclosure is made with 18 gauge steel, black power-coated, and meets and exceeds all TIA-568-C.3 requirements. This enclosure provides a safe and clean environment for fiber optics.


  • Compact size; 13″ width x 6.5″ height x 3.5″ depth
  • Designed to be wall-mounted
  • Folded-edge frame for improved strength
  • Built-in cable management spools
  • LGX® compatible
  • Holds two Classic adapter panels or MPO cassettes
  • Holds three splice trays



Enclosure: 18 Gauge CRS

Adapter Bulkhead: 16 Gauge CRS

Finish: Black Powder Coating

What is the Fiber Enclosure Wall Mount 2 Panel LGX?

Introducing the Fiber Enclosure Wall Mount 2 Panel LGX, a compact and efficient solution for organizing and protecting fiber optic connections. This innovative product is designed to streamline network installations and ensure optimal performance.

Highlights of the Fiber Enclosure Wall Mount 2 Panel LGX

  • Space-saving Design: The compact size of this enclosure maximizes wall space utilization.
  • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials for long-lasting durability.
  • Easy Installation: Simple to mount on walls, reducing setup time.
  • Secure Protection: Provides a secure and organized environment for fiber connections.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Anticipating common queries:

  • Q: How many fiber panels can the enclosure accommodate?
  • A: The Fiber Enclosure Wall Mount 2 Panel LGX can accommodate up to 2 fiber panels.
  • Q: Is the enclosure suitable for outdoor installations?
  • A: No, this enclosure is designed for indoor use only to ensure optimal performance.

Order Your Fiber Enclosure Wall Mount 2 Panel LGX Today

Take the next step in optimizing your network setup with the Fiber Enclosure Wall Mount 2 Panel LGX. Experience fast shipping and secure your connections with this top-quality solution.

Who Can Use It

The Fiber Enclosure Wall Mount 2 Panel LGX is ideal for network technicians, IT professionals, and businesses looking to enhance their fiber optic infrastructure. It caters to a wide range of users seeking efficient cable management solutions.

Why Choose the Fiber Enclosure Wall Mount 2 Panel LGX

Choose the Fiber Enclosure Wall Mount 2 Panel LGX for its superior quality, easy installation, and space-saving design. This product offers a reliable solution for organizing fiber optic connections effectively.

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