High-Resolution Mini Bullet Camera with Motorized Lens for Smooth Video Capture

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What is the Mini Bullet 5.0MP 30fps Motorized Camera?

Introducing the Mini Bullet 5.0MP 30fps Motorized Camera, a cutting-edge surveillance solution that combines high quality imaging with motorized functionality. This compact camera offers exceptional clarity at 5.0MP resolution and smooth video recording at 30 frames per second, providing reliable security monitoring for various environments.

Highlights of the Mini Bullet 5.0MP 30fps Motorized Camera:

  • High Resolution: Capture crystal-clear images and videos with 5.0MP quality.
  • Motorized Functionality: Easily adjust the viewing angle from 2.7mm to 13.5mm remotely.
  • Smooth Video Recording: Enjoy seamless footage at 30 frames per second for detailed monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Anticipate common queries:

  • What is the viewing angle of the camera?
  • Can I control the camera remotely?
  • Is the camera suitable for outdoor use?

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Who Can Use It:

The Mini Bullet 5.0MP 30fps Motorized Camera is ideal for homeowners, businesses, and security professionals looking for reliable surveillance with remote control capabilities.

Why Choose the Mini Bullet 5.0MP 30fps Motorized Camera:

Don't miss out on this limited-time offer! Experience high-resolution monitoring and seamless control to enhance your security setup immediately.

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