"High-Resolution PTZ Bullet Camera with AI Technology and 23X Optical Zoom"

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What is the PTZ Bullet 5-117mm AI 23X 30fps?

Introducing the PTZ Bullet 5-117mm AI 23X 30fps, a cutting-edge security camera designed to provide unparalleled surveillance capabilities with its advanced features.

Highlights of the PTZ Bullet 5-117mm AI 23X 30fps

  • AI-Powered Functionality: The PTZ Bullet features AI technology for intelligent surveillance, enhancing security monitoring.
  • 23X Optical Zoom: With a powerful 23X optical zoom, this camera can capture detailed images even from a distance, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  • Real-time 30fps: Enjoy smooth live video streaming at 30 frames per second for clear, high-quality footage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the optical zoom range of the PTZ Bullet 5-117mm?
A: The PTZ Bullet offers a remarkable 23X optical zoom, enabling you to zoom in on specific details with clarity.

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Who Can Use It

The PTZ Bullet is ideal for security-conscious individuals and businesses looking for advanced surveillance solutions to safeguard their properties effectively.

Why Choose the PTZ Bullet 5-117mm AI 23X 30fps

Act now to benefit from the PTZ Bullet's state-of-the-art features and ensure your security needs are met promptly. Embrace the latest in surveillance technology today!

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