ICC Module Cat6 RJ45 Keystone Jack EZ, 25 Pack White

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Category 5e EZ Category 5e modular jacks, RJ-45 keystone jack, is 8-position 8-conductor (8P8C) is engineered to provide superior performance and reliability, supporting up to Gigabit Ethernet applications. The advanced design provides optimum signal quality with up to 10dB headroom providing maximum bandwidth for today’s application. Designed to be extremely easy to terminate, the Category 5e EZ modular jacks simplifies installation and improves overall installation time. Transmission performance exceeds Category 5e connecting hardware requirements specified in ANSI/TIA-568-C.2


  • CAT5e rated connectors provide excellent performance for data networks.
  • Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE++) Type 4; up to 100 Watts.
  • PCB technology provides maximum performance and superior signal quality.
  • Enhanced crosstalk cancellation reduces return loss and improves performance.
  • Exceeds Category 5e industry performance requirements.
  • Terminate with 110 punch down tool or JackEasy Termination Tool.
  • Designed with rear 110 IDC reducing termination time.
  • Includes an integrated TIA-568A/B color wiring diagram.
  • Backward compatible to all lower rated category components.
  • Works with all Work Area Outlets faceplates, inserts, surface mount boxes.
  • For use with Category 5e patch cords.
  • Exceeds ANSI/TIA-568-C requirements for permanent performances.
  • UL 1863 Compliant.



Housing: PC, UL 94V-0

Termination Cap: PC, UL 94V-0


Current rating: 1.5 amps

Insulation resistance: 500 mohms min

Contact resistance: 20 mohms max

DC resistance: 0.1 ohms max


Plug insertion life: 750 cycles min

Plug and Jack Contact Force: 100 grams min using FCC approved plug

Plug Retention Force: 50N (11 lbs) for 60s ± 5s

Temperature: -40° to 150° F (-40° to 68° C)


Jack wiring: Phosphor Bronze alloy plated with 50 micro inches of gold over 70-100 micro inches of nickel

Connector: insulation displacement connector (IDC); accepts 22-24 AWG solid wire


Color: Clear Blue

Color XX: AL-Almond, BK-Black, BL-Blue, GN-Green, GY-Gray, IV-Ivory, OR-Orange, PR-Purple, RD-Red, WH-White, YL-Yellow

What is the ICC Module Cat6 RJ45 Keystone Jack EZ?

Introducing the ICC Module Cat6 RJ45 Keystone Jack EZ - a high-quality networking solution designed to enhance your connectivity experience. This innovative product is ideal for those seeking reliable and efficient networking solutions.

Highlights of the ICC Module Cat6 RJ45 Keystone Jack EZ

  • Easy Installation: Simplify your networking setup effortlessly.
  • Reliable Connection: Ensure stable and consistent network performance.
  • High Speed: Experience fast data transmission for seamless connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How easy is it to install this keystone jack?
  • What is the transmission speed of this product?
  • Is this product compatible with Cat6 cables?

Order Your ICC Module Cat6 RJ45 Keystone Jack EZ Today

Upgrade your network setup today with the ICC Module Cat6 RJ45 Keystone Jack EZ. Enjoy fast shipping and seamless networking solutions!

Who Can Use It

The ICC Module Cat6 RJ45 Keystone Jack EZ is perfect for tech enthusiasts, IT professionals, and homeowners looking to optimize their network connections. It caters to a wide range of demographics with varying networking needs.

Why Choose the ICC Module Cat6 RJ45 Keystone Jack EZ

Make the smart choice by selecting the ICC Module Cat6 RJ45 Keystone Jack EZ. With its exclusive features and immediate benefits, this product is the perfect solution for your networking requirements.

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