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  • Durable nylon weave resists wear and tear
  • For use with MM300, MM400, MM600, and MM700 multimeters, and CL120, CL220, CL320, CL390, CL450, CL600, CL700, CL800, CL900 clamp meters
  • Constructed with powerful Rare Earth magnets
  • Has a secure Velcro® loop & hook
  • Hanger allows the user to safely work hands-free
  • Clips securely into back of rubber boot
  • For use with all Klein Tools Test & Measurement Multimeters and Professional Series Clamps
  • Velcro® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V

Magnetic hanger for use with Klein Tools' MM300, MM400, MM600, MM700, CL120, CL220, CL320, CL390, CL450, CL600, CL700, CL800, and CL900 electrician's meters. The strong magnet attaches securely to metal surfaces. Klein Tools’ Test and Measurement product line was exclusively designed from the ground up by electricians for electricians.

Electrician's Multimeters and Select Clamps
Special Features:
Rare Earth Magnets
For Use With:
MM300, MM400, MM600, MM700, CL120, CL220, CL320, CL390, CL450, CL600, CL700, CL800, CL900
1.10 oz (31.0 g)
Additional Information

What is the Rare-Earth Magnetic Hanger with Strap by Klein Tools?

Introducing the Rare-Earth Magnetic Hanger with Strap by Klein Tools, a versatile and durable solution for organizing tools and equipment. This innovative hanger features strong rare-earth magnets that securely hold metal tools in place, preventing accidents and keeping your workspace organized.

Highlights of the Rare-Earth Magnetic Hanger

  • Strong Rare-Earth Magnets: Ensure a firm grip on metal tools.
  • Adjustable Strap: Allows for easy attachment to various surfaces.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand heavy use in demanding work environments.
  • Compact Design: Maximizes space efficiency while providing quick tool access.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Anticipating common customer queries about the Rare-Earth Magnetic Hanger with Strap:

  • How strong are the magnets?
  • Is the strap adjustable?
  • Can this hanger hold heavy tools securely?

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Who Can Use It

The Rare-Earth Magnetic Hanger is ideal for DIY enthusiasts, professionals in various industries, and anyone looking to keep their tools easily accessible and secure.

Why Choose the Rare-Earth Magnetic Hanger

With its sturdy construction, innovative design, and convenience, the Rare-Earth Magnetic Hanger offers a unique solution for tool organization. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your workspace efficiency.

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