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What is the RG6 Quad Shield Plenum Cable?

Introducing the RG6 Quad Shield Plenum Cable, a premium cable designed for high-performance applications. This cable is engineered to provide exceptional signal quality and durability, making it ideal for demanding installations.

Key Features of the RG6 Quad Shield Plenum Cable

  • Quad Shielding: Provides superior protection against electromagnetic interference, ensuring clear signal transmission.
  • Plenum Rated: Safe for use in plenum spaces, meeting strict fire safety regulations.
  • 18AWG CCS: Constructed with 18AWG Copper-Clad Steel for optimal conductivity.
  • 3.0GHz Bandwidth: Supports high-speed data transfer and high-frequency applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the RG6 Quad Shield Plenum Cable suitable for outdoor use?
A: No, this cable is specifically designed for indoor installations due to its plenum rating.

Q: What is the maximum transmission distance supported by this cable?
A: The RG6 Quad Shield Plenum Cable can reliably transmit signals up to 100 meters without degradation.

Order Your RG6 Quad Shield Plenum Cable Today

Upgrade your network with the RG6 Quad Shield Plenum Cable for reliable and high-speed connectivity. Take advantage of our fast shipping to get your hands on this premium cable quickly.

Who Can Use It

The RG6 Quad Shield Plenum Cable is perfect for installers, network engineers, and IT professionals who require top-notch cabling solutions for their projects. It is also ideal for residential and commercial installations.

Why Choose the RG6 Quad Shield Plenum Cable

With its quad shielding, plenum rating, and high-performance features, the RG6 Quad Shield Plenum Cable offers unmatched signal integrity and reliability. Don't miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your network with this exceptional cable.

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