Stranded Shielded 18AWG 2 Conductor 500'

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What is the Stranded Shielded 18AWG 2 Conductor Cable 500'?

Introducing the Stranded Shielded 18AWG 2 Conductor Cable 500', a high-quality cable designed to meet your electrical wiring needs with efficiency and reliability. This cable offers superior shielding properties and robust construction, ensuring optimal performance in various applications.

Highlights of the Stranded Shielded 18AWG 2 Conductor Cable 500'

  • Stranded Design: Provides flexibility and durability for easy installation.
  • Shielded Construction: Ensures protection against electromagnetic interference for enhanced signal quality.
  • 18AWG 2 Conductor: Ideal for power and signal transmission in low-voltage applications.
  • 500' Length: Offers ample cable for versatile use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Anticipating customer queries:

  • What is the voltage rating of this cable?
  • Is this cable suitable for outdoor use?
  • Does this cable come with a warranty?

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Who Can Use It

This cable is perfect for electricians, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts looking for a reliable solution for wiring and signal transmission. It caters to various applications and user needs.

Why Choose the Stranded Shielded 18AWG 2 Conductor Cable 500'

Experience the difference with our cable that offers unparalleled performance and durability. Get your hands on this top-notch product to address your wiring requirements promptly.

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