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What is the Product?

Introducing the 4K 32CH NVR with 24 PORT POE and 320MBPS Point of Sale integration. This cutting-edge system is designed to revolutionize your surveillance experience, offering unparalleled clarity and convenience.

Key Features of the 4K 32CH NVR

  • Ultra HD Resolution: Experience crystal-clear 4K video quality for precise monitoring.
  • 24 Port Power Over Ethernet (PoE): Simplify installation and power your cameras through the network cable.
  • 320Mbps Bandwidth: Ensure smooth and uninterrupted video streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the maximum number of cameras supported by the NVR?

A: The 4K 32CH NVR can support up to 32 cameras for comprehensive surveillance coverage.

Q: Does the NVR offer remote viewing capabilities?

A: Yes, you can access live video feeds remotely from your smartphone or computer.

Order Your 4K 32CH NVR Today

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Who Can Use It

The 4K 32CH NVR is perfect for homeowners, businesses, and security professionals looking for reliable, high-definition surveillance solutions.

Why Choose the 4K 32CH NVR

Experience the power of advanced surveillance technology with our limited-time offer on the 4K 32CH NVR. Stay ahead of security challenges with unparalleled clarity and performance.

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