Blank Fill-In Keystone Insert

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{ "startHTML": "
", "sections": [ { "name": "What is the Product?", "title": "Introducing {{product}}", "requirements": [ "Engagingly introduce the product, emphasizing primary benefits.", "Use emotionally appealing language and incorporate relevant keywords." ] }, { "name": "Key Features of the {{product}}", "requirements": [ "Highlight unique product features using bullet points.", "Bold the most important keywords and explain how each feature benefits the user." ] }, { "name": "Commonly Asked Questions About {{product}}", "requirements": [ "Anticipate and answer common customer queries.", "Use long-tail keywords for SEO optimization." ] }, { "name": "Ready to Get Your Hands on {{product}}?", "requirements": [ "Craft a clear and compelling invitation for the user to take the next step (e.g., add to cart to purchase).", "Make the CTA visually stand out. Include FAST SHIPPING." ] }, { "name": "Who Can Benefit from {{product}}?", "requirements": [ "Detail the target audience, addressing various demographics or user needs." ] }, { "name": "Why Opt for {{product}}?", "requirements": [ "Create a sense of urgency by explaining limited-time offers, unique benefits, or immediate problem-solving capabilities." ] }, { "name": "People also search:", "requirements": [ "Research and include additional keywords used in product searches.", "Incorporate them naturally into the content.", "add a ul li list of similar keywords here call it 'Similar Keywords' and add the keywords here" ] } ] }

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