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  • Hand saw cuts drywall, wallboard, plywood, and plastic
  • Drywall saw blade with triple ground teeth for a fast cut
  • Blade cuts in both directions (push and pull)
  • Hardened, carbon steel blade for durability
  • Hardened, beveled blade point for scoring and plunge cuts
  • Handle structure designed for strength and durability
  • Flat-end grip for palming or punching through drywall

Klein Tools' Key Hole Saw is designed with the professional user in mind. The rugged, heavy-duty Hole Saw provides superior results with less effort. A curved front-end design allows for comfortable, two-hand use.

Blade Length:
6'' (15.2 cm)
Overall Length:
12'' (30.5 cm)
5 oz (141 g)
Additional Information

What is the Jab Saw by Klein Tools?

Introducing the Jab Saw by Klein Tools, a versatile cutting tool designed for precision and ease. This innovative saw is a must-have for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering unparalleled cutting performance and exceptional durability.

Highlights of the Jab Saw

  • Precision Cutting: The Jab Saw features a sharp blade that ensures clean and accurate cuts, making it ideal for various cutting tasks.
  • Ergonomic Design: With a comfortable grip and ergonomic handle, this saw provides optimal control and reduced fatigue during extended use.
  • Multi-Purpose Blade: The versatile blade of the Jab Saw enables cutting through a wide range of materials with ease, from drywall to wood.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Curious about the Jab Saw? Check out these common questions and answers to learn more:

  • Q: How sharp is the blade of the Jab Saw?
  • A: The Jab Saw blade is meticulously engineered to deliver razor-sharp cutting performance for precise results.
  • Q: Is the Jab Saw suitable for both professionals and DIY users?
  • A: Yes, the Jab Saw is designed to meet the needs of professionals in various industries as well as DIY enthusiasts looking for reliable cutting tools.

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Who Can Use It

The Jab Saw is perfect for a wide range of users, including professionals in the construction industry, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, as well as DIY enthusiasts working on home improvement projects.

Why Choose the Jab Saw

Choose the Jab Saw for its unmatched quality, durability, and precision cutting capabilities. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your cutting tasks with this exceptional tool.

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