"Premium 12U Network Server Rack with Heavy Duty Steel Frame, Tempered Glass Door, and Reversible Handing for Enhanced Cooling"

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What is the 12U Heavy-Duty Server Rack?

Introducing the 12U Heavy-Duty Server Rack, a robust and reliable solution for securely housing your network equipment. This server rack offers a sturdy steel frame, measuring 23.6 inches in width, 23.6 inches in depth, and 25.20 inches in height. The tempered glass door adds an extra layer of protection while providing easy visibility of your devices. Whether you need a reversible right or left-handed door, this server rack offers flexibility to suit your setup.

Highlights of the 12U Heavy-Duty Server Rack

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Frame: Ensures durability and stability for your network equipment, providing long-term reliability.
  • Tempered Glass Door: Allows for secure viewing of devices while keeping them protected from dust and debris.
  • Reversible Door: Offers flexibility in installation, catering to different room layouts and user preferences.
  • Preinstalled Fan: Ensures optimal airflow to maintain ideal operating temperatures for your equipment.
  • Expandable Cooling Options: With a knockout feature to add an additional fan, you can further enhance cooling efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the 12U Heavy-Duty Server Rack

Q: What are the dimensions of the server rack?
A: The 12U server rack measures 23.6 inches in width, 23.6 inches in depth, and 25.20 inches in height.

Order Your 12U Heavy-Duty Server Rack Today

Take the next step in securing and organizing your network equipment with the 12U Heavy-Duty Server Rack. Enjoy fast shipping and ensure your devices are housed in a reliable and durable rack.

Who Can Use the 12U Heavy-Duty Server Rack?

The 12U Heavy-Duty Server Rack is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, IT professionals, and home users looking for a secure and stable solution to organize and protect their network equipment.

Why Choose the 12U Heavy-Duty Server Rack?

Choose the 12U Heavy-Duty Server Rack for its high-quality construction, expandable cooling options, and versatile design. Ensure your network equipment remains safe and operational with this reliable server rack.

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