Weltron Rear Load Blank 48 Port Patch Panel

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48-Port Blank Patch Panel, 2U, 48 Keystone Rear Loaded, Compatible with Cat5e, Cat6


Premium 48-port blank keystone patch panel from Weltron. Perfect for data, voice and ethernet cabling systems. This 48-Port Patch Panel is compatible with most Cat5e, Cat6 keystones, and can expand to more like fiber, hdmi keystones and more.

About 90-048PPRL: 48-Port Patch Panel

  • 48 Port Rear Loaded Rack Mount Patch Panel
  • 2U Patch Panel is made from a high-quality metal blend for long lasting use and the ability to withstand weight and stress.
  • Compatible for CAT6, CAT5e, HDMI, Fiber and COAXIAL
  • The patch panel includes per-numbered ports with secondary labels that allows for easy recognition of cables in use.
  • This 48 Port Patch Panel has a 19” 1U sturdy heavy duty metal rackmount hardware design that allows for seamless use with Cat6 keystone jacks to then create a patch panel solution suitable for gigabit and Ethernet network applications
  • Supports standard sized Cat6 keystone jacks for audio video and data; Recommended to be used with Weltron Cat6 keystone jacks (Sold Separately)
  • Quick Installation Guide

Weltron’s 48-Port Blank Patch Panel Features

Numbered Ports

Numbered Ports

48 Numbered Ports with labels for easy identification.

Easy Labeling

Provided space for custom labels to keep you organized and always connected.

Rear Cable Manager

An easy-to-use rear cable manager solution.

Detachable Back Bar Keep your cables neat and organized with a strong detachable back bar for better cable management.


This product is suitable for:

  • Data Centers
  • Contractors
  • Home Networking


Quick Overview of Weltron's 48-Port Blank Patch Panel

Connector Type RJ45/HDMI/Coax/Fiber
Support Keystone Types, or Support Tool Type
Color Black
Brand Weltron
Ports 48
Rack Space 2U
RJ45 Port Dimensions (HxW) 16x14.5mm

Package Contents

Brand Weltron
Item model number 90-048PPRL
Item Weight  
Package Dimensions (length, width height)
Manufacturer Weltron
Spec Sheet View Spec sheet
In the box 1 - 48 Port Patch Panel
Pack of Zip ties
Installation Guide
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What is the Weltron Rear Load Blank 48 Port Patch Panel?

Introducing the Weltron Rear Load Blank 48 Port Patch Panel, a high-quality networking solution designed for seamless connectivity. This patch panel offers exceptional performance and reliability, making it an essential component for any network setup.

With the Weltron Rear Load Blank 48 Port Patch Panel, you can achieve efficient data transmission, secure connections, and streamlined cable management, ensuring optimal network performance.

Highlights of the Weltron Rear Load Blank 48 Port Patch Panel

  • Easy Installation: Simplifies the setup process, saving time and effort for users.
  • Robust Construction: Durable design ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Provides seamless connections for smooth data transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Curious about the Weltron Rear Load Blank 48 Port Patch Panel? Find answers to common queries below:

  • Q: How many ports does this patch panel have?
    A: The Weltron panel comes with 48 ports, offering ample capacity for your network needs.
  • Q: Is this patch panel easy to configure?
    A: Yes, the Weltron panel is designed for easy installation and setup, making it user-friendly.

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Who Can Use It

The Weltron Rear Load Blank 48 Port Patch Panel is suitable for IT professionals, network administrators, and businesses looking to optimize their network infrastructure. It caters to a wide range of users seeking efficient connectivity solutions.

Why Choose Weltron Rear Load Blank 48 Port Patch Panel

Experience the difference with Weltron Rear Load Blank 48 Port Patch Panel. Enjoy exclusive benefits, limited-time offers, and unmatched performance that address your networking needs promptly.

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